Services provided by Super Game Dealers cc consists of:
* Capture and translocation of all game species making use of mass capture (boma) and/or chemical immobilization techniques as required by the specific task. Different options are available:
1. SGD buys the game on a specific farm, captures the game and then sells it.
2. A farmer has his own buyers for his game and calls SGD in to perform the capture and transport for a specific fee.
3. A combination of the above.

* Brokering in wildlife and sourcing specific animals for buyers on order.

* Importing and exporting of game.

* Facilitating insurance for game to be captured and trans located, including the option of a varied period of post release field cover.

* Wildlife Veterinary Care includes:
1. Capture of rare and expensive animals (usually by immobilization).
2. Routine preventative care medicine of especially valuable game species vaccination, parasite control etc.)

3. Veterinary support for researchers.
4. Post Mortem examinations for routine diagnostic and/or insurance purposes.
5. Treatment of complicated medical/surgical cases, especially for rare and valuable game species or where the risk of herd problems exists.
6. Temporary holding, quarantine, disease surveillance (for export) and treatment of captured game.
7. Providing specialized transport of valuable game making use of trucks equipped with surveillance equipment and veterinary stand by.

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* Conducting game counts and consulting Game Farmers regarding game stocking (both density and species selection), game management/ utilization techniques (e.g. life capture and selling, trophy off-take, culling for meat) and game counts.

* Introduction of new game species.

* Establishment of game ranches.

Other Services
During the off season (between October and the end of February) or, in the event of down time during the capture season, our trucks and workers will be made available for routine transport provision.